Guidelines for Shipping Animals to the Biologic Resources Laboratory

University of Illinois at Chicago
Biologic Resources Laboratory
1840 W. Taylor Street
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: 312-996-7040
Fax: 312-996-8065

1.) All animals that are being shipped to the Biologic Resources Laboratory (BRL) must have electronic approval by a BRL veterinarian prior to shipping the animals to the BRL.

2.) The UIC investigator or technician must complete an Electronic Ordering Form for Unapproved Vendors/Institutions for shipping animals to the BRL in its entirety at the following: .Any additional details for the shipment approval request can be made in the comments box. For additional information, please see the FAQ<92>s and Overview section.

3.) A health certificate, no older than 3 months, must be faxed, mailed or emailed to the vet in charge at the BRL. The certificate must be issued and signed by a vet on the shipping end. The certificate must contain the following element: A statement that the animals are clinically healthy

4.) The investigator, in which the animals are being shipped to, must have an approved UIC protocol (ACC) number on file with the BRL as well as a BRL account number.

5.) Once the shipment has been approved by a BRL vet, the BRL requires a one week notice from the date of approval as to when the animals will be shipping, in order to prepare for receiving of these animals.

6.) The BRL will only accept animal shipments through the following (any other courier must receive prior approval from a vet at the BRL): Bax Global (1-800-CALL-BAX) World Courier (1-800-221-6600)

7.) When shipping the animals please make sure to choose the overnight service with AM delivery. The BRL only accept animals Monday through Wednesday, no later than 2 PM on each day.

8.) Send identification with the animals so that they can be clearly identified upon arrival (example: number, gender, species and strain.)

9.) When the shipment leaves your facility, please contact the BRL to provide the courier information, airbill/tracking number and delivery time.

10.) A lab technician from the UIC investigator<92>s lab MUST be present when the animals are ready to be housed.